Snippets From My Life

Jess and a friend at Church on A special holiday

Mark with some friends at church
Ali and Micah made me these earrings!  This two are so talented.

Fun times or not so fun times on the slippery roads

We drove on up and pulled these guys out of the mud

Zoe making us eggs

Fun with other missionaries at the lake

Kiddos at the lake

Ali singing in youth choir

Something similar to lychee fruit

Sporting a new outfit!

Summertime sewing projects.  Ali loves to make gifts for her MK friends.

Jess drafting her first pattern.  I like to sew clothes

Went to a “cry die” where people celebrate the deceased.  There were boys playing a huge xylophone.  Mark and Haddassah gave it a try.  It is carved wood on top of fresh banana trunks

Visiting our friend after her mom passed away

Walking and chatting on the way back to the truck

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