Family, Friends, Food and Life

I made some homemade cling wrap and I’m loving it!!!!  Just trying to be resourceful and have something I can reuse and make here.

Sister in a hammock.   These girls have a sweet relationship.

Just bathing a frozen dead pig in the kitchen. No big deal!  Mark turned one leg into ham and roasted the other for dinner.

I love huge moths!

A malaria test that didn’t work.  Good news is Mark didn’t have malaria.  Could tell be this test though!

Some friends at a yearly Carnival!!!

Hadassah carrying her giraffe the local way.  So cute

We had some friends come hang out with us for a few days.  I’m not sure if they’ll come again.

Grilling at the fire pit.

Teaching Haddie at a young age!

Hiking spot near out home 

Baking with an old friend and a new one
Hiking around with Zoe

Hiking with Hadassah too!

Girls catching tadpoles

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