Our trip back from Yaoundé 

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Happy Birthday Zoe and Caleb!!!

We stayed in Yaoundé a week longer than we expected due to some helicopter maintenance.  Soooo, the kids asked for a birthda party in the big city with MK friends.  It was a first for them and a blast!  

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Sleeping in Cameroon sometimes poses a health risk… let me explain.   There are certain mosquitos here that carry a malaria parasite.  Now we’ve lived here as a six pack for four and a half years (with a seven month furlough in there) and only one of us had ever gotten malaria.  Hadassah was born and still no malaria, praise God!  Now, the main thing we do to prevent getting this terrible parasite is by sleeping under nets when in high risk areas of the county.  Every once in a while I’ll find a mosquito inside my net and promptly kill it.  This usually happens during the day.  The other night Hadassah was cutting teeth and just could sleep.  She was miserable and so was I.  So, after trying to comfort her for more than an hour I remembered that Tylenol can help (I’m nearly worthless in the middle of the night).  So Mark turned on the side lamp to administer the Tylenol and I saw something bright red just by my head inside my net.  At first I actually thought it was a creechy bug.  I’ve reported on creechies in the past… they are terrible bugs that burn you if they are smacked on your skin.  Anyways, I looked dazing closer and realized it was a mosquito so full of blood that it shown red in the light.  I have never seen this before and as I’ve heard someone mention a full, red mosquito before I thought it was like metaphorically or whatever.  I tried to smash it while juggling Hads and it couldn’t fly!  It tried and fell on my pillow. So I took my Kleenex and smashed it and now I have a nice blood stain on my pillow.   I 😍 Cameroon despite the dozen (literally) of mosquito bites covering my legs and sleeping under nets.  There is something sweet about checking on the kids and seeing them all tucked in under their nets.

Here is Haddie and I taking a selfie and he net it behind.  

I pin the net up on the daytime some days.  You can see it up behind her.

The bunk bed nets.  I have to comment here.  Calebs arm is sticking out right against the net and a mosquito is quite smart enough to go straight there and bit him despite the net.  Also, his net isn’t tucked in.  

Sweet girl.  My pile of laundry got put under the net with her.  

Alright I’d better go tuck in Caleb.  The girls can be featured next time.  I didn’t think they’d appreciate being photographed while sleeping.

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Happy Easter

Christ has risen indeed!  We had such a fun time spending Easter with friends who live here in Africa with us.  Here are some pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt a great couple puts on for our kiddos each year.  

I uploaded them from last to first.  So, here is Haddie after the hunt.  She is clearly exhausted.

The kids opening their eggs

Hadassah finding her lamb!

Posing in the grass

Leaping for eggs

Micah man

In a potted plant

This was a beginning pose

Happy Easter all!

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She is now a proper Spangler because she can play in the rain.  I had a cute video but lost it somehow.  It was hard to pull her back inside she loves the rain so much.

This is just an adorable picture of her sleeping.  She’s been such a busy girl and often missing naps due to our busy schedule at the moment.  So,  she is really knocked out.  This is before playing in the rain obviously.

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Fun at the Playground

Fun at our SIL library

Us girls went to check out some books and when we were through we hung out at the playground.  It was fun times!  

The grass was high since school is on break and so it was a bit jungle-like for Haddie.


We can order books so Zoe is checking it out

A cool new house with a slide and rope swing.  It is only three times a year we can visit here so the kids really enjoy their time at the playground.

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Some time in the capital


I was sitting in a friends house and heard an interesting noise.  It turns out it was this guy playing this.  I couldn’t tell you what it is but it was so cool.  

Mark got to participate in a volleyball tournament.

Mom and daughter outing.  Oh the joys of the city!

Photo bomb.  Some crazy lady that was there.  Ok just kidding a fun friend photo bombed us.

Haddie sleeping under the mosquito net.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  She is from here 😉

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Good stuff

The boys spent a couple of weeks braiding ropes until they had a fat one for a rope swing.  It is up and they play with it but I need to snap a pic.

Micah made Hads a chair out of bamboo

Eating up at our fire pit 

Pizza night

Us girls!

Pizza!  My new favorite way to make pizza

I love my kids

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More And More Pics

The helicopter needed some maintenance and so a friend popped in from the US to help us out.

Visiting with some friends.  We took a break on school and did some work digging a trench for some yams.  Haddie played in the dirt.  It was awesome!

Caleb is working with a form of bamboo here.

Sisters 🙂

This is the cutest view!  Hadassah loves to wake up and immediately play with Zoe or look out the window.  Today she is doing both.


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Going to the Chapel part two

Here are pics of the Chapel wedding day.  Somehow the fam only took pictures of us…


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