Haddie had a Happy Birthday

During the missions conference, once they found out Haddie was having a birthday, so many people wanted to celebrate with her. So Haddie’s birthday lasted about 5 days! She got very good at telling people her age and holding up three fingers!

Here is a picture of Haddie with one of her birthday cupcakes.

Here are some of the leftovers we got sent with after an amazing week eating and sharing at the missions conference. Oor bellies and hearts were full at the end of the week.

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In order for this trip to be possible our kids have to school on the road oftentimes. We also have had school poolside at a friends house and other various places so it’s not all bad. But mostly we do it in the RV while boosting down the road. This is one of the biggest challenges. But they do look so cute when doing there thing.

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A friend from Cameroon in Virginia

We met a friend years ago in Cameroon and now we had a chance to catch up with her at home! So much fun and more snow!

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Time with family

We had a great time with Mark’s brother and family. We met the twins and had lots of good times!

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New Jersey/ New York

Well, we were falling asleep night before driving through NJ. I sleepily realized the Cake Boss was in NJ and NJ is so small that surely Hoboken was near where we were going. I sat up and checked my phones map and sure enough we were driving by! So Mark agreed to surprise the kiddos! We love the show and when watching old episodes in Cameroon we always think of the smells and tastes and wish we could try it! It was so fun to see the cast working and order yummy Italian pastries.

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Georgia hahaha. It’s a peach!

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Zoo Atlanta

Zoe’s one wish in the US was to see pandas. I searched the Internet to figure out if we would be near any. Turns out we would, so off we went to zoo Atlanta!

Not only did we see pandas, we saw tons of fascinating birds at the bird show. We also saw elephants, all sorts of monkeys and apes, and Haddies favorite, flamingoes!

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More road trip

We have gone to Tulsa, Alabama to visit several sets of friends. We’ve driven to Florida for meetings and training. We’ve gone to a super cool place called Jekyl island and scoured the beach for sharks teeth at 5am with flashlights.


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Finally to Colorado

It was so great seeing old friends! It’s been so long!

My kids had their first experience at the “penny arcade.” They had a blast! Zoe got enough tickets to buy a bamboo! Hadassah rode every kid ride she could!

Apparently all we took pictures of was the baby riding a million rides. We did lots of other fun games. It was like my whole childhood in two hours for them hahaha.

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Made it to Colorado

Drove and drove from Washington you Colorado to catch some old friends. So sweet seeing them again! The kids had such a good time. Here are some pics of the falls leaves along the way.

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