Sarah is here

Sarah is coming to stay with us for six months to help me with homeschooling these kiddos! We are so excited and happy to spend all this time with her.

Our flight to her new home for six months

Our first hike!

Unpacking in her new room

Sarah brought us our new ice cream cone maker. Just a celebratory ice cream eating!

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Merry Christmas!!!!

We had a fun family come visit us for Christmas!!!!

We left in the first plane up and those are out friends coming on the second plane.

Sarah!!! First little plane flight!

Haddie wasn’t happy!

Drew eating our plane!

Hike picture spot!

The kids after a water balloon fight

Hadassah sleeping at Christmas Eve morning service. We are in our matching dresses.

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Fuel for the Helicopter 

Sunday after church Mark, the baby and I went up to the airstrip to meet a truck bringing fuel.  Some of the fuel comes all the way from the US before reaching Duala, YaoundĂ© and then us.

What does Mark do when he’s not flying?  People are always curious to know the answer to that question.  Here is another part of the job!

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Beginning of Dry Season

We were out hiking and Mark flew by!!! So fun!

The guys cutting down a banana tree

Haddie fell asleep eating lunch.  

Catching the last of the frogs

Our neighbors cat was desperately trying to get in our house! Hahahaha!

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A little frog

The kids were tossing the frisbee and it ended up in the neighbors planter.  Look what they found when they went to retrieve it!  


Never seen one like him before.  

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Ducks, Mushrooms and Sunglasses 

I know I post all the time about our little beasts.  But we enjoy them so!  We added two new ducks to our flock!  They are great so far.  Everyone is getting along well.  They are named, Cocoa and Coffee.  I believe they are about four months old.  We have two males and two females now.

About once a year we get mushrooms under a tree just outside our front door.  This year I cooked them up and we ate them with eggs.  Yumm!

The kids all got new sunglasses!  They are so cool.

Hadassah is especially cool! 

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Caleb made a friend while folding laundry

This little guy was in our clean clothes basket.  I saw him basking on a pair of jeans earlier but didn’t realize he was still in the clothes when I put them in the basket.  I think he tried to sell Caleb car insurance. 

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Our ducks and other fowl

Bringing the ducks home
Hads checking them out in their temporary home
A chicken sleeping on the cage for the night
Everyone’s new home!
Zoe working on their househammering on the roof 

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Snippets From My Life

Jess and a friend at Church on A special holiday

Mark with some friends at church
Ali and Micah made me these earrings!  This two are so talented.

Fun times or not so fun times on the slippery roads

We drove on up and pulled these guys out of the mud

Zoe making us eggs

Fun with other missionaries at the lake

Kiddos at the lake

Ali singing in youth choir

Something similar to lychee fruit

Sporting a new outfit!

Summertime sewing projects.  Ali loves to make gifts for her MK friends.

Jess drafting her first pattern.  I like to sew clothes

Went to a “cry die” where people celebrate the deceased.  There were boys playing a huge xylophone.  Mark and Haddassah gave it a try.  It is carved wood on top of fresh banana trunks

Visiting our friend after her mom passed away

Walking and chatting on the way back to the truck

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Family, Friends, Food and Life

I made some homemade cling wrap and I’m loving it!!!!  Just trying to be resourceful and have something I can reuse and make here.

Sister in a hammock.   These girls have a sweet relationship.

Just bathing a frozen dead pig in the kitchen. No big deal!  Mark turned one leg into ham and roasted the other for dinner.

I love huge moths!

A malaria test that didn’t work.  Good news is Mark didn’t have malaria.  Could tell be this test though!

Some friends at a yearly Carnival!!!

Hadassah carrying her giraffe the local way.  So cute

We had some friends come hang out with us for a few days.  I’m not sure if they’ll come again.

Grilling at the fire pit.

Teaching Haddie at a young age!

Hiking spot near out home 

Baking with an old friend and a new one
Hiking around with Zoe

Hiking with Hadassah too!

Girls catching tadpoles

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