Mark’s Birthday

It has been too long since I’ve updated my blog. Time to get with the program. Let me start with a post about Mark’s birthday dinner and birthday present. I had a stone fire pit made on the mountainside behind our house. This was his birthday gift. Probably the best one I’ve ever given him :).
We live on a mountainside that overlooks the valley below. The weather is almost always cool in the evenings. This is perfect for year round fires in our fire pit. Mark also bought a grill a while back. It it supported by a stake and can swivel back and forth over a fire or hot coals. It has been so long since we’ve been able to grill out. This is an exciting addition to our lives here!
So last night we ate four steaks we brought in from ten capital city along with a chicken that Mark cut up and marinaded to grill. There were the six of us and three friends over. The meat was so delicious! None of us have had grilled meat in so long. We just ate and ate without even touching much of the side dishes. We laughed as the kids just devoured the meat because the past few years they haven’t mad many opportunities to just eat meat. We really enjoyed it. I hope to be able to do that a couple times a year from now on. It only takes four of five months to fatten a chicken. I could name it BBQ.
After we ate dinner and cake we went back up to the fire and enjoyed a nice quiet time overlooking our small town spares with lights. The moon was high and filling out so we didn’t even need our flashlights to walk the trial back to the house. As we were putting out the fire to go watch Germany trash Brazil in the World Cup, we heard a horrible screeching noise. The others just ignored it but I was a bit worried. It sounded unnatural! Not only is our house seated on a mountainside but it is surrounded by thick wilderness just outside the small hedge that surrounds our yard and small farms. At times there are mysterious animal prints or food missing from our garden that the wilderness is blamed for.
The strange screech came again and this time the others heard it loud and clear. I just knew it was a dinosaur swooping towards us. It was surely a pterodactyl and we were going to be his dinner. Ok, so obviously I wasn’t eaten by a dinosaur but you can never be too sure these days. Anyways, I’m sure most people haven’t made it this far in my birthday ramblings. The point is, we had a great time with our new fireside and we didn’t get eaten by a dinosaur. Happy Birthday Mark. Way to get old!

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