Playing Chicken with a Big Truck

As we crested the top of the hill to come down the other side we were faced with a big truck driving in the middle of a not so wide road with sloped sides and ditches on either side. Mark hit the breaks and tried to maneuver around in the few seconds we had before a head on collision we would surely lose. The loose dirt and sloped sides on the road did not help. He barely missed us as we went sliding into the ditch. We hit the wall of dirt on the other side of the ditch with much force. I was shocked we were okay and also stunned that we didn’t flip until I realized we were saved by the dirt wall.
We had already had a much too eventful drive including a pulley from our A/C falling off of our truck never to be seen again. We were on the roads with many crazy, speeding, swerving drivers trying to get somewhere in a hurry on bad roads for the holidays. We had been stopped at a police checkpoint. We had to wait for so many passing herds of cows that I thought there must be a cow Christmas party somewhere. I have not experienced driving craziness quite like today. I could go on.
This my friends is just a small sampling of what one deals with when traveling here. This my friends is what you should be thinking of when praying for your friends who live and travel in underdeveloped countries. But, let me tell you, our truck has come home in worse shape. So, we really did receive “journey mercies” from The Lord.
When you play chicken with a BIG heavy truck on a small dirt road and come out alive. It is a good day. Here are some pictures to help tell our story.

Somehow I had the sense to take a few pictures. This was my view.

I climbed over Micah and out of the car. It wasn’t nearly as easy as one might think to hoist yourself out of the car.

The bank kept us from rolling over for sure. We carry straps so Mark asked the nervous truck driver to help pull us out.

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