Valentine’s Day

Well, this is the only picture I have but not the only thing Mark did for me for Vday. When I got home from school these were sitting on the table and as I was taking my jacket off the buzzer rang and when I enquired who it could be Mark said, the babysitter! So, we went out! We ate at a Thai restaurant. He also took me to a shop I have been eyeing and I bought a shirt that was on sale that I had been watching get cheaper as the sales here went on and on. I’ll explain the sales in a different post. Well, while we were out he also pulled out a ring he had made me! It is so cool. Sorry, I will get a picture :). I had such a fun evening. The restaurant took two and a half hours but this is normal and fun in France. We had a ton of time to talk and enjoy our night out. Thanks honey! I appreciate all you are and do for me!

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