Update for today

My first note is on Facebook. Here is another update.

The airline was supposed to drop off seven bags this morning but didn’t. Mark called this afternoon and they said they were still coming. We have been home all day waiting and still no bags. My hands are so dry they are bleeding from all the cleaning and no lotion. I need to go buys some soon! Mark just got back from paying rent and that is all good. Julie and Ali washed all my dishes and my cupboard and put it all back for me while I did laundry. We missed our alarm and slept until noon! Oops! Jet lag is very hard. Our bodies never seem to know the time. We have a urinal in our bath room and a toilet in it’s own separate room. The sink is odd and I’ll begin posting pictures as soon as I can on the blog. I am a bit allergic to evenings here but I’m not sure why yet. I honestly think it is because we are so tired and my immune system is taking a toll and my allergies are always hyper under stress. So, I’m sure i will feel better as time goes on. I went to the grocery store yesterday and also the bakery. It was very overwhelming and I’ve decided I will go everyday so i can get the hang of it. Plus, I have to carry home all my groceries and I have a tiny fridge so, this limits me on how much I can buy. Yesterday I bought only what I needed right away. Now today there are more things I need so I will head there as soon as our bags come.

New things!

I have to weigh and tag all my produce.

We live above shops and one of them happens to be a cocolateir, or something like that. It is a chocolate shop.

We live downtown so there are shops and people everywhere.

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