Our Trip back to Cameroon

Oh my dear Hadassah seems to be the best world traveler.  It isn’t that it wasn’t hard and tiring and awkward at times.  But, she just travels very happily.  On one flight the stewardess asked me if this was her first flight.  I smiled and said no.  You see by then it was actually her fifteenth.  I don’t think I told her that.  Well she has had at least eighteen now and she isn’t yet nine months old.  My little traveler.  Here are some cute pics from our journey home.  In reverse order.  

I should have taken a picture of my ice cream before landing in Duala but I was livin in the moment and too busy holding a sleeping baby and eating it.  Haha.  I love the ice cream.

Ok, in reverse order.

Our Flight Home

Beautiful View Over Cameroon

Breakfast with Liset in Brussels 

Newark to Brussels Baby in Bassinet 

Breakfast on the Go

My Little Sidekick in Newark

What??!  One of the best treats in the plane!  Not even and international flight yet!  

Our Flight from Phoenix to Newark

On the plane in Phx ready to go home!

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