A Typical non-typical day

When I started my day early this morning, I thought it was going to be fairly easy and routine. I was just going to fly some doctors to a clinic, then go pick up the Director of a partner organization and take him to a meeting, then go back to get the doctors and get them home.

Well, I made it to the clinic with the doctors, early even, it was a good start. I then made it to pick up the director, this is when the plans started changing.

Once he got in the helicopter he mentioned he needed to visit his sister in the hospital in a town along the way. I said, ” Ok, I will get some gas and then come back for you.”

So I dropped him off, went and got gas, and then came back. Then he mentioned that he only wanted to stay in the town I am dropping him at for 2 hours instead of for the night. This is when it started getting interesting for me. Staying in one place and watching the clouds grow during rainy season is a bit nerve-racking as a pilot. I was going to be in the place where the weather always seems to start building and just had to wait until his meeting was over. I did it, but it wasn’t easy. About an hour and a half in to waiting I had to text him to ask him to come early so we could leave. I was hearing thunder is the distance. So he came back to the helicopter and we took off back to the south.

The clouds had built so I only had a couple of options to get over a ridgeline to go south. Thankfully, God left one hole in the clouds for me this time, so I get through and back to where I was headed.

After this I got the doctors back where they belong, and I made it back to my home as well.

Nothing today was extra dangerous, or challenging, it was just typical. Even all the changes is kind of typical. I think that is what I love most about working and serving here. There is no such thing as typical. Things are constantly changing and I get to constantly be adapt to serve others who are serving even more people. I feel honored and blessed to be serving in Cameroon.


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