Random happenings around the house this summer

This is our first mother hen and her chicks. I’m sure I’ve posted plenty about chickens cause they are so interesting. These little ones were a delight to watch.

This is Mark posing in front of a mammoth sunflower. It grew way out of this picture and had a huge head of seeds for us. If I have a picture it will get posted later. I have more growing in my garden behind the house right now. We could see this grow from our dinning room table.

I surprise Mark with five coffee plants for his birthday. Here he is touching one so you can see it in the photo. We won’t get coffee for five years. These may have died. We will try again and again if we have to. Maybe fifteen next time.

These are evil army ants. What makes them so evil is that they will crawl up your body, back arms and be all over you before they all start biting. They bite and walk and bite and walk. There pinchers are huge. They also make what looks like a highway. I posted a picture about a year ago of one of these highways. This is on our patio. Oh no!

This is a picture of me weeding in my garden. I love to get out there even in the rain and mud. There is something to say about gardening. It is therapeutic.

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