Operation Christmas Child

Well, here are a few pictures of an Operation Christmas Child event that Mark flew boxes in for.

Loading up boxes in the truck to drive across town to the helipad.

Unloading at the helipad and loading in the helicopter.

A full load.

Notice the white pod on the side of the helicopter. It can carry extra packages. There is one that can fit on either side.

The children receiving the boxes.

This is a picture of a missionary sharing the gift of Jesus to the kids in a public school and the man next to her is translating.

So, all in all the picture make this all look a lot more glamorous than it was in real life. There were so many kids and it was a bit chaotic. But, the cool part is that this village is truly the “ends of the earth” and hundreds of children along with teachers and other onlookers were given the gospel message in their own language. We can only hope and pray that is somehow made a difference in their lives and hearts.

This is just another cool thing Mark gets to be a part of. We thought you might enjoy seeing pictures because I know many of you pack up boxes each year so that kids all over the world can receive them in Christ’s name.

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