Meet Josephine

Yes, that is right, Josephine is a chick. I was walking home with a friend from bible study and as we got to her house I could see she was selling firewood. It is always nice to support our friends so I texted Mark to see if we needed any. So, he brought the truck and the kids to her house. We were happy to have more firewood since we have been trying to keep the bees away. Well, one thing led to another and my friend gave my children a
chick. Yes, a chick! Like a chick who needs it’s mother chick. I tried to talk her out of it but when everyone turned to dad he just shrugged and said, “why not?” Hahahaha! Ok, fine why not? So, off we drove up our precarious road with firewood and a chick. Thankfully, that night instead of unloading the firewood Mark ran straight to the shed and made a chicken wire lid to a tub already outfitted for chicks. So, dear Josephine cannot get out of the tub and wonder the house as our other chicks have done. Well, no worries, it has been a few days and she is happy as a clam. We brought her a friend from our coop who has a bum leg and needs rest. They keep each other company and warm. We are happy to have this addition to our little flock.
This is what happens when we take the lid off.

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