Ladies hike

Some friends came to visit for New Years and so us ladies decided to go for a hike. We decided to look for a trail and, well, never found one. What we did find was a bunch of African wilderness on a steep mountainside just on the other side of a nice tall hedge surrounding some farmland in our back yard. We kept hiking and grabbing onto tall grasses, trees, and vines to keep from sliding backwards. Common things said on the hike were, “I think I see a path up ahead” “should go back?” “I don’t think I could hike down what we’ve come up.”. So, we pressed on and on. An hour and a half later we ended up spotting something down in the valley that we recognized and knew we’d hit a path before fall off a cliff onto the road, so we just kept creeping and sliding down holding onto anything we could, until we made it to a slick slanted slope before the path. Then we walked, or slid along this slope until we reached “stairs” that we’re nothing more than flat slots for each foot carved out of the dirt. Hahaha, we laughed and had fun the whole way. We joked of dying and getting eaten by wild beasts but, we made it home alive! We were covered in brush and seeds. The chickens were out when we got home and started pecking the seeds off our pants. Hahahaha! So, here are some pictures to remember our New Years day hike.

Showing off our seed covered pants

We inhaled so much dirt we were covered and our noses blew out brown for a while!

I decided to buy trail running shoes instead of running shoes and hiking boots and they worked out great! Any running in this town is trail running!

My sweater was just balled up at the ends from all the stickers!

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