Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve had a lot of exciting days lately and today was like no other. The day started super early for this night owl, by Mark leaving the house at 5:30 (I think) and our neighbor ringing the doorbell to pick up Micah at 6:30. Mark was going to the airstrip to ready the helicopter for a day of flying and Micah was going to watch our Thanksgiving turkey be, well…. Offed. Many families are coming from far and wide for Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Eric found a tip on a turkey and checked it out. So, he
Came with a turkey in a box! Hahaha, then he took it to a friend who is good at “cleaning” the bird. His kids and our Micah thought it would be cool to wake up early and go see this process and my friend Susan was brave enough not only to take them but to take pictures. So, I am sharing them with you.

Transporting the turkey

More transporting. Anywhere into the neighborhood here is a hike up or down the mountain.

A picture with our dinner 🙂

Hog tied turkey

The site of the offing

Our friend Mami Joel

Dead bird being plucked.

And then cleaned. Yes, those are head and feet.

Mark flying over her house as all this is going on.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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