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I am always amazed by the new things I learn about in this country. I was talking to a new friend yesterday about a problem he is having in advertising. Hahaha, the word advertising or advertisement never came up but in my mind the word etsy did. Let me explain. We live in a town that happens to have electricity and running water if you can afford it. So, often people have TV’s turned on in their small clay brick homes. Interestingly enough the floors are unfinished and the living conditions are much less than desirable but there is a tv going! I am truly all over the place with so many thoughts running through my still processing brain. Ok, back to the new friend. This man makes carvings. Wooden carvings of all different size and magnitude. He is really talented! He brought us to his home to show us his carvings and hobby, as he calls it. Now, in the bigger cities you might pay twice as much or more for these carvings rather than just buying them from the carver himself. You know the deal, transport, middle man, inventory. It all costs money. So, he was explaining how he wished people knew they could buy from him instead of going to big towns. So, immediately I thought, the Internet, etsy, eBay! Then, before I opened my mouth I remembered where I was standing. The mud, the unfinished houses, the outhouses, the curtain doors, the dirty clothes ect. But, then I remembered the strange existence of technology here. The electricity is so bad and inconsistent but yet nearly everyone has a cell phone. Hmmm. The roads are so bad that sometimes people can’t make it to a hospital to save their lives but Mark and Eric can fly them in a helicopter. Hmmm, there aren’t a lot of CDs but yet there are mp3s. Technology is so helpful here despite being so far behind the curve on things such as clean public water and the availability of electricity for all. So, this brings me to one way information is shared here. People often share mp3s and other files on their phones. It is amazing really! On this small card we have put the bible in pidgin and also the Jesus film. We can give it or loan it to someone and they can pass it around from family to family and watch and listen to it. It blows my mind really! Well, this was a lot of talk to explain this picture. I still don’t know how to help my friend with his advertising problem except to say, I know a great wood carver and he can make amazing things at a great price if you are interested :).

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