The school in Babunki

The man we were staying with was very generous and he seemed to get behind progress. He had donated a big piece of land for a local grade school and another piece for a health center that was used to unite and bring peace to two people groups who had a history of war and unsettlement between them. Here are some pictures of the school.

The building on the left is new and finished. There are two classrooms in it. The one on the right is not yet finished. There is a soccer field with some make shift goals and a big pit where they dug up the clay to build the new structures. There was another structure that was made out of sticks where the younger grades meet for now.

The chalk board was just a piece of wood.

This is Mark with our host. He was 89 years old and strong enough to carry Caleb on his shoulder as he walked around on this mountain he lived on.

This is a world map that was painted by a short term missions trip over a year ago. It was the only colorful thing at the entire school.

This girl was and new friend was a daughter of the old man and she spoke a little bit of English. The children are taught in English but it is wrote and they don’t always know what they are learning, it is just all memorized but often means nothing to them. But, it isn’t all a loss. The world that they live in is so different than any world I have ever seen. When a girl here may be destined to not read or write in any language it is great to see a father send his daughters to school and even donate land to have one.

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