Our ride to Babunki

Ok, that is a phonetic spelling of the village we stayed at for five nights. I have no idea how to actually spell it. This is our van all loaded up with people and stuff.

A friend decided to drive his truck it and say hi to the nice people of this village and so a few of us rode with him. This is a picture from his truck to the van.

Some of us rode on top. Don’t tell the grandparents. I was freaking out like a mother hen. After about ten minutes someone yelled to the driver, “stop looking for all the bumps!”. Now this is our favorite thing to say when we are all sick and tired of driving on a long bumpy road. It gives us a good laugh and breaks the tension a bit.

This was a narrow and super muddy bridge. I was worried that the van would slide off into the water under the bridge. Even though the van was slipping and sliding before and after the bridge it made it across without slipping off.

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