Monkey and Ape Sanctuary

We went to this sanctuary and saw different types of monkeys and apes. It was a fun thing to do while we were being orientated to how things work here. Here are a few pictures and a few stories.

I must say one of the cool things about living here in Cameroon is learning about the local animals and plants first hand. It was so cool to see these guys living in the forests here with the plants and foods they are used to. Although they are fed daily and taken care of by a keeper they are still from here and living in their own habitat.

This is most of our group.

This is what we were looking at. These were gorillas and they made the loudest scariest noise when they popped their hands on their chests. They would run up along the fence and pop their chest and we would be caught off guard and jump a thousand feet in the air.

These chimps would poop on their hands and fling it at people passing by! It was so awful but you had to pass them in order to see some other apes. There was a jungle trail that offered some protection so most of our group decided to chance it. I stayed back with Zoe and some other young kids and moms. On the way back there was a small part that was open to the chimps and as they were running Mark and Caleb and one other guy in our group got splattered with Chimp feces! It was so nasty as you could imagine but makes a good story, if told right. Caleb was screaming and had to ride home shirtless cause it was so smelly even after we cleaned it up.

The End

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