Day at the beach Part 2

Let me just explain the joy that I felt this day. You see it all began at the beginning of the summer when Mark took a business trip to Florida. He was flying the helicopter and speaking there for about a week. After speaking at a school or church one afternoon someone offered he and his colleagues a ride around the bay on their boat! Ok, really cool right? So, Mark being the stellar husband that he is called me. He proceeds to tell me he is on a boat in the bay and had some free time to call. Next thing you know he is hollering because there is a dolphins jumping around the boat and he’s got to go. Hahahaha, needless to say I am home with the kids all by myself for a week.

Ok, situation two. Mark is stuck without a car during his Robinson R44 training in CA. So sad and boring, might I add, for him. Well, next thing you know he has made friends with everyone in the class and they are headed to the beach after class. So, my dear husband has seen the beach in two different parts of the country and two different bodies of water in one summer while I am home with the kids. So we tried to plan a trip to the beach but had to cancel it last minute cause life just adds up! So, sad and dejected I was thinking me and the kids wouldn’t get to see the ocean this year, or last year or the year before. I’m just saying! So, when we all decided to go to the beach I was excited but I had no idea how happy and full of joy the sand and waves would make me feel. When I took off my sandals after a long hot day and walked across the sand to an empty part of the beach I felt the endorphins coursing through me. I think I just added time to my life! I mean, people, it was awesome! The kids hadn’t really even played at the beach before and boy did we have fun. The water was great the sand was nice and no one was too brave or too scared! It was perfect! We played in the sand, we played in the waves. There was even a sand bar a ways out so we wadded and swam and the we were standing with water up to our knees again! It was so great! Caleb tirelessly jumped every time a wave came out on that sand bar. Zoe built a sand castle for hours. Ali and Micah were self sufficient and happy playing with their friends. What a day! I am seriously so thankful for that day. What a blast. I wouldn’t have cried or sulked if I didn’t get to go to the beach. But, for whatever reason this year I wanted to so badly and didn’t think it was going to happen. I love it when things work out like this!


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