Zoe’s 3rd Birthday

We have made some cool new friends here in NC. It is the beauty of being a global nomad, you make friends wherever you go! Well, one of our new friends happens to have two young daughters that Zoe loves to play with. Zoe always wants to go over there and play and spend the night and paint nails and watch movies and do whatever. So, as the perfect birthday event we thought we should have an evening over there just us girls. We ate Zoe’s favorite foods, painted nails, colored and watched a hello kitty movie. Then the boys joined us for cupcake decorating!

Here is the table all set and a banner that my sweet friend made just for Zoe!

The girls around the table.

A banner Ali made for her sister.

Time to decorate cupcakes!

We even had hello kitty sprinkles!!!!

We love our Zoe! We also loved celebrating her as a part of our family!


Happy third birthday Zo-Zo!

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