Meeting Hannah at the airport

So, we planned to meet our dear friend Hannah at the airport when she laid over on her way to Jamaica for a missions trip this summer. Well, wire were crossed and so were my dates so I realized at 11pm last night that indeed I needed to be at the airport at 6am with my four lovely children the next morning. So, I made a quick phone call to confirm, set an alarm and dozed off to sleep. 4:30am rolled around and I hopped in the shower. Mark hopped out of bed and made two lattes to go. After all, he is quite a man! Then Mark went into the boys room and I hear him quietly say something but could only make out the words airport and Hannah. Then I hear loud and clear,”Reeeeaaally!!!!???”. Caleb was up and dressed faster than I knew he could move. Ali even heard him from her room and,”is it the day to go see Hannah?!” comes from her room. “yep, get dressed if you want,” I reply. That is how we got out the door and down the driveway at 4:56am! Go team Spangler! Mark two points for Mark, one for each coffee :). So off we drove, chatting all the way to the airport. We made it in time and we got to spend a few hours with our precious friend Hannah! What a good start to Friday.

Hannah getting ready to take pictures.

Attempting to persuade Caleb to take a picture.

Hannah and Jess

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