Daddy Daughter Date Night

One of the things about being an MK is moving around so often. When we visit places we reconnect quickly and jump right in. This also means leaving and as we leave it is sad to hear people talking and planning for upcoming events. Leaving Phoenix was especially difficult for Ali this time because there was a daddy daughter event within days after we left. So, she saw the fliers, heard the announcements and listened as the girls chatted about it with excitement.
God knows all things and just after we arrived in our new location we saw an announcement in the church bulletin about a father daughter date night. You better believe Mark bought tickets and asked Ali to go. It was bitter sweet because it couldn’t replace going and seeing all her friends and their dads, but it was a clear demonstration to how God loved her! And, of course it is always fun to dress up and go on a date!
We chose this bush not just for the color but also because, being from AZ we have no idea about all the different plants here. That said one morning shortly after I woke up the kids started screaming to me to come quick because our bush was turned pink! Well, much to my surprise it really was! I’d never seen anything like it. So, to remember that we took their daddy daughter pics in front of the pink bush.

Mark and Ali had a fun night. They even drew a picture together. I wish I would have taken a picture of it but I still have time because it is hanging on our wall. They drew a picture of our house in Africa :).

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