The city wide garage sale




Well, every year twice a year is a city wide garage sale. Lots of fun had by all! Vendors from far and wide sell their goods along with all the townsfolk who bring their stuff down to the street to sell. it is a very interesting and cultural experience for us. It is also a time for us to buy what we need for super cheep. When we were done selling our stuff we headed out to find our treasures. Much to our delight we found some children’s magazines for the kids, well needed pants for Zoe, and several books to add to my collection of interesting books to read in French in the USA! It was a super great and relatively cheep afternoon until we saw the candy vendors. Too bad we don’t have a picture. It was like tables and tables long full of every kind of candy imaginable. Needless to say we bought a tiny overpriced bad of candy. Again, so sad we don’t have a picture cause then it would have lasted longer. We were also able to find a French program for Ali to continue her French learning and two little house on the prairie DVDs. I love garage sales cause I go home with tons of stuff but spend next to nothing. And, we were able to donate all the stuff we didn’t sell and our load will be lighter coming home.

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