Random pictures

The kids love to play animals and they always play out a scene from Bolt where the dog begs for food at the trailer park and gets treats and when the cat does it they throw stuff at it. Here are four dogs at the door of my kitchen begging for treats. When they make a really good sweet and pitiful face I might even give them a treat. I think it is hilarious.

Ok, so we have just made stuffed bell peppers for the first time and we feel like we’ve been missing out cause they were delicious! And, it helps that bell peppers taste wonderful here and are cheaper. That and we top it with French cheese of course.

A huge sunflower I bought from the market to decorate our entryway. Cheapest flower in France that weekend. I bought a small yet huge bouquet for only 1.50 euros!

Family movie night. They are just too cute.

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