Oh to the dairy farm we go!

We have been buying milk from the same dairy farmer at the market every Saturday since we have been here. I mean rain, snow, shine we are there buying milk and even some other dairy products. One saturday we were invited out to his farm and we decided to take him up on it. We took a bus to another nearby town and then had to walk nearly a mile and a half up a small mountain to get there. Some of our friends here came with us and that made it even more fun!

Starting up the mountain!

Caleb was not a happy guy going up.
We passed by all kinda of different houses, shops and even a honey farm on the way to the top!

We saw more different types of flowers than I could count too!

Caleb is still not having fun but the rest of us are!

Resting and snacking on the side of someone’s driveway.

Finally to the top! This is Ali in the field with the cows. If you look out to the horizon you can even see the lake!

These must be the happiest cows on earth! Endless green fields, as much water as they need, shade, shelter when it snows and even a gorgeous view!

I’m not gonna lie, these cows are huge! I’ve never been so close to a cow before. This city girl was shocked!

Zoe was horrified the entire time. She wouldn’t stand for being put on the ground. She was not ok with the cows. But she loves their milk and even more their cheese.

We also got to see his “shop” where he makes the cheese and other dairy products. He took us down to his cheese cellar and even in the heat of the summer is we cold down there! It was so amazing to see where our milk comes from and it gives a whole new meaning to fresh and local. These cows are just less than 5 miles away from where we live! Doesn’t get any better than that!

Back down the mountain.

Over the freeway.


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