This is how we roll!

The fun part about living in France is that we get to ride our bikes everywhere! There is nothing like riding your bike in France with your kids to the grocery store. It has been much better quality time and bonding for our family than riding in the car was. We love it! It does mean we can only bring back so much but then I guess we just go more often.

We are so proud of Micah and Ali for being able to ride such long distances. They actually learned to ride a bike here in France. Mark has also had the opportunity to learn bike maintenance. He is always doing maintenance and repairs. Last week it was greasing up our “commuter” bike and cleaning the chain. Week before that was replacing the outer tires on our bike trailer. Today it was the gears of Ali’s bike! What a stud.

I’m so glad our kids can catch a nap in a stroller or trailer. Caleb is lucky cause if we are going somewhere in town he has to walk. He prefers catching a ride 🙂

We chose this location for a photo because this is a small castle where our classes used to be held.


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