This Little Piggy Stayed Home

Time to hog tie this little piggy!

I skipped a few steps of the process that were super gross. Your welcome! Email me if you want the pics!

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Flying With My Man

Today I went out with Mark! I went to load a passenger and his stuff so Mark could keep the helicopter running. So then…

The grass was so shiny in the morning light, all wet with dew.

Our first destination looked like a bowl of marshmallow fluff.

As we got closer you could see right through it!

After we picked up our passenger we flew to a far off village and dropped him there. However a friend there hasn’t had a working fridge for a while and so Mark came prepared to work on it.

No kidding I drank coffee and chatted with my friend and it was such a fun day encouraging her! The fridge is still needing a part 😫. Mark tried his best even to rig the thing up so it would work but it wouldn’t. Next time. We got back before the rains! Yay!

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This Little Piggy Went to Market

Bringing home our pig

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Fun days

Zoe got creative at breakfast! Hahaha.

Look at these cuties!

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Some sort of giant moth

I was moving my house plants back inside when I noticed something attached to my plant. It was this huge moth. He has beautiful markings and some transparent spots.

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There is no bad place to read!

Dirty kitchen floor

On top of your brother or under your sister


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Flying With Mark

So as the weeks have passed I (Jess) have gotten to fly with Mark so I can help load and unload people and cargo while keeping all safe during times the helicopter is on.

Yesterday I was thrilled to be escorting some good friends back home after the birth of their first baby.

This is some of my crazy kids greeting us as we landed safely back home after this flight. Hahaha. Notice two dancing on the truck and two plugging their ears! Hahahaha. Love these guys.

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Dolls from Japan

Kokashi dolls!

Who drew what???

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More Kid Art

The top is the wind up for Africa. Now we are winding up in Asia. The bottom is A map of Saudi Arabia. Fun learning about the countries and cultures of the world! We studied much of Africa this time through since we live here!

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China Meets Africa

I love the art projects since Sarah came! I didn’t know they were so artistic! Love it!

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